Arindran A/L N. Thanainthiram

The Project Director, Mr T Arindran comes with years of experiences in the Civil Construction field. He has spearheaded various projects with various clients whether its government agencies, government link companies and other private organization. Arindran had completed his tertiary education in Perth, Australia in the field of Bachelor of Commerce.

Upon his return to Malaysia, he joined Jetcon Engineering Services (M) Sdn Bhd as a Project Coordinator to take on a momentous task in the field of Civil Engineering which is irrelevant to his academic qualification. But, nevertheless under the guidance of some experienced and qualified former JKR Engineers as his employers, he rose to the challenge of adapting and learning in this new environment. Over the period of last 12 years being in this industry and from the position of a Project Coordinator, he was elevated to become the Project Director of his new organization S&S Quest Resources Sdn Bhd and such is a saying hands on experiences on work site has brought much accreditation to himself and the organization.

Over the years, his continues ability to strive in this industry has brought upon his involvement in various types of major civil and infrastructure projects involving various clients from different backgrounds throughout the country. All this vast experiences have brought him to the next level of being able to manage and execute his role as a Project Director in successfully handling all the projects that comes by the organizations way.